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So, the bailout. ZOMG, the House rejected it soundly–before they didn’t. A lot was made of that brief blip, calls that at last the government was being held accountable by the American people, etc., but of course it wasn’t to last, of course all they had to do was make a few superficial changes, wait until everyone was properly pleased that they had succeeded in stopping a 700 billion dollar check to a bunch of unrepentant morons, then send the check anyway.

But those guys who called this a major development weren’t wrong, or at least as wrong as they look now. Because the first rejection of the bailout was entirely against the corporate politics (whatever the fuck that word even means) that control the American government, and entirely because the American people for one very brief moment said No. Yes, it was a hop and a skip of political manuevering to get over that hurdle, but if things had been going as they should be for the corporatists/elites/special interests/whatever, that hurdle shouldn’t have existed at all. Hoi polloi are sheep to be slaughtered, not a voice to be dealt with.

It’s interesting to compare this oh-so-brief moment of popular action with the sustained grass-roots support of Obama and other mainstream candidates before him. The difference being, of course, nobody cares about Obama. Why? Because the people behind him–that frothing mass of do-gooding young idealists, absolutely convinced that they are changing the fucking world for the fucking better at long last after all those fuckers before them continually screwed it up–are doing nothing. They are putting all their energy towards getting more people to check a ballot box, which is exactly what hoi polloi are supposed to do, and nothing more.



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I wasn’t really prepared to start the campaign. For quite a while I knew where I wanted to get to with the first session, but not how; less than a week ago the ideas began formalizing. When we started I had a rough sketch, a plan that worked but has a number of holes of immersion, at least some of which I would have corrected had I had more time. But everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves (quite a lot), so I’m pleased for now.

Our four protagonists began onboard the good ship Promise of Tomorrow, only a few days from their destination at the Lapis River colony, the Arkhosian shore distantly visible, and nothing to do. Khaar attempted to chat up Montrose, the half-elf cleric of Pelor, who stood idly on the open deck, but Montrose seemed uninterested in talking. Zan noted a strange mark of fire rising from one of the larger ships, just before it exploded.


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“Half a millenium ago, the Children of Dragons emerged from the Dark Continent, sailed across the Great Sea, and brought the Empire to our shores. From the Jeweled City across the water, they brought order to chaos and light to darkness.

“We do not mean to extol the virtues of the Dragon Empire or to call for its return. Rather we wish to remind all of its unparalleled power and majesty and of the riches the dragonborn brought from their dark home across the sea. It is called the Forsaken Jewel not without cause, for in the chaos of the Empire’s fall, many great treasures were lost.

“We do not refer to the rumors of hoards of gold or magic trinkets hidden by dragonborn desperate to survive the fall. We refer to the natural abundance that birthed the Empire in its first dark days, the verdant wealth that allowed the dragonborn to conquer two continents, construct vast monuments, and collect those hoards of gold and magic trinkets.

“It is for this that we, former subjects, now become conquerors ourselves, at last return to the Forsaken Jewel. Not any temporary treasure, but the natural wealth of an entire continent, since the fall of the Empire tapped only by savage tribes with no comprehension of its possibilities.

“This is our destiny and our duty: to sail across the Great Sea, set foot upon the Dark Continent, and bring order to its chaos and light to its darkness. The Jeweled City that once glittered from across the water has fallen, and it must be built anew. Who will join us?”

the Association for the Advancement of Arkhos


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