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A new plan of attack involves more shorter posts, so that there aren’t months without anything. I stayed away from that here before because I keep really short thoughts to Facebook status updates (would be Twitters if I had any friends on Twitter, but I don’t), but there’s a place between rambling essays and one sentence thoughts that I hope I can use to good effect in the future. In the meantime, a few quick shots:

  • Pushing Daisies be dead. Terrible, horrible, depressing, expected. On the very minor positive side, Bryan Fuller may well end up running Heroes and perhaps save it from the abysmal joke it’s become. (During Heroes’ second season, the first time I watched the show as it aired, I repeatedly took it to task for ugly sexism until I eventually concluded it was just lazy writing, not actual misogyny, and gave up. This is still the case, and still one of the few things I actively despise about the show. Please save it, Bryan Fuller. Make it whimsy and fun!)
  • Far Cry 2 is a great game, but I’ve barely played it (or any other games) since I started Letters from Africa. As a result, I haven’t updated that particular project since then. I hope to get around to it eventually, but at this point I kind of just want to play the game. I also bought Overlord during its 75% price reduction on Steam and played it for an hour or two. It’s cute.
  • I’m a terrible DM. Not really, of course, but not a very good one, anyway. I don’t intend to continue the campaign log, although I do intend to keep the wiki updated with shorter summaries and to post some thoughts on DM-ing (and how much I suck at it). Seriously, it’s hard (especially when the online campaign I’m playing in is so well-designed. Here’s to you, stabs!) I almost want to start something new next semester (with a month of preparation over break), but I think the players would prefer to continue, because they don’t have as much of a problem with what I do as I do (and that’s what’s important, anyway)–and there are still some (hopefully) really interesting moments to get to.
  • Quantum of Solace is a conundrum to me. I’m planning on writing some more thorough thoughts (and I’ve thought a lot about what those will be) but I’m waiting until I probably see it again this weekend.

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It makes you a man

My little blog got its first spam this afternoon. Three comments already. Some of them are interesting (i.e. apparently useless) methods of spam.

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After something close to a two-month delay (I believe the original announcement heralded the upgrade at the beginning of June), the “new Facebook” has finally arrived, and it . . . sucks. At least, that’s the general consensus among people I’ve talked to, and I agree with them. It’s clunky, mesy, unintuitive, and just generally leaves you feeling mistreated and uncomfortable. (I’m going to set aside all the privacy concerns of Facebook and such, because this is a post for people who use Facebook.) However, as one who was intrigued by the original announcement, I decided to give the “new Facebook” a further look, and I realized that it’s not as bad as it first appears. Most of the issues are superficial, a matter of flow and convenience, which is immensely important in a website whose success is based on easy use, but at least the underlying structure and ideas seem to be sound.


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